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The In-Store Experience - Humidifying the creamery sales area

In addition to the aging cellar, the ARECO humidification system is integrated into the creamery display case. The equipment ensures continuity of hygrometry throughout the entire chain, from ripening to sale.

The advantages of cheese nebulization in the refrigerated display cases:

  • The ARECO humidification solution maintains the freshness and quality of cheeses in the display case.
  • This technology significantly reduces product weight loss.
  • The very fine mist enhances the product appeal to customers.
  • The installation of a humidification system prevents filming on the cheeses.
  • No need to repack products, saving time every day.

Positioned in the display case, the ARECO nebulization humidification system meets the humidity needs of each cheese. Moreover, it is possible to implement differentiated moisture supply according to the cheese families present in the case

ARECO - Humidification espace de vente
ARECO - Humidification espace de vente

Optimize the Fresh Sections of Your Retail Spaces (Vegetables, Cheeses, Meats, Fish) with Our Nebulization System for Food Retailers.


Nebulization for Cold Storage Rooms

ARECO - Nébulisation pour chambre froide

The nebulization of a cold storage room is used in the agri-food industry or for storing temperature-sensitive products.

Advantages of nebulization for cold storage rooms:

  • Maintaining Humidity: Cold storage rooms tend to have low humidity, which can cause stored foodstuffs to dry out. Nebulization helps maintain the right level of humidity, preventing products such as fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, etc. from drying out.
  • Food Preservation: Nebulization helps to extend the shelf life of foods, preventing them from drying out and maintaining their freshness, texture and flavor.
  • Reduced Losses: By controlling humidity and temperature, nebulization reduces losses of stored products, offering a significant financial impact for your establishment.
  • Maintain Optimal Conditions: Some food products have specific humidity and temperature requirements for long-term preservation. Nebulization helps maintain these optimal conditions.

Reduce weight loss and extend the shelf life of stored products in cold storage.

ARECO - Nébulisation pour biscuiterie

Nebulizing the Food Industry – The Case of Biscuit Production

Discover our solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the food industry. We provide specialized humidification services for biscuit production and manufacturing areas.

The advantages of nebulization in the food industry:

  • Control of final product texture and quality: In a dry environment, biscuit dough can dry out more quickly, which can alter the texture, making them harder or crumbly. By adjusting humidity, you can maintain the desired biscuits quality.
  • Controlling the stability of the production process: Maintaining a constant humidity level prevents fluctuations in dough, baking and other manufacturing processes, ensuring more consistent production and reducing waste.
  • Prevention of cracking or breakage: Biscuits can crack or break if exposed to an overly dry environment. Controlled humidity helps prevent this and maintains biscuits integrity.
  • Temperature regulation: Humidity helps maintain a constant temperature in manufacturing facilities, which is crucial for many baking processes.
ARECO - Nébulisation pour biscuiterie

Make it easier to remove from the mold and reduce the number of times you need to replace release tapes.

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