CSR Commitment: Our Contribution to a Responsible Future

ARECO, a brand of the ARFITEC Group, ARECO FINANCE, and TECHNOLOGIE, has always taken ecological, societal and environmental aspects into consideration.

The ARFITEC Group is resolutely committed to a sustainable economic approach, leading a constant fight against planned obsolescence by continuously improving its products and guaranteeing its installations under maintenance contracts.

Preserving resources and the environment remain key concerns for the ARFITEC Group.

“Our very first products, launched in 1998, are still fully operational with our customers, thanks to our commitment to developing them over time while ensuring optimum performance.”

Fréderic Richard, R&D Director for 20 years within the ARFITEC Group.

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Our solutions are designed to improve public comfort and well-being, minimize energy impact, preserve our planet’s resources and create a more pleasant environment by optimizing the performance of spaces.

To raise public awareness of our efforts, we launched on a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach in 2011. This initiative, which has won numerous awards, reflects our commitment to the environment, society and the economy, regardless of the country in which we deploy our solutions.

The ARFITEC Group’s employees, suppliers, partners, customers are all stakeholders in our CSR policy, guaranteeing sustainable and balanced growth.

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