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Eliminate microorganisms from surfaces with ARECO nebulizers

Surfaces disinfection in laboratories and cleanrooms

The ARECO airborne surface disinfection system is a cold biocide nebulization technology aimed at improving the productivity of your establishment. The size of theses particles, 2.5 microns, is much smaller than high-pressure nozzle technologies. This fineness of the droplet size allows for very rapid vaporization, within 0.6 seconds, thanks to a substantial exchange surface area.

Advantages of the ARECO disinfection system:

  • Efficiency: Reduced evaporation time, no dripping onto surfaces
    Traceability: Ensured by automated systems certified 21CFR part 11 (FDA)
  • Homogeneity: Even diffusion on surfaces
  • No mandatory biocide: You are the free to choose the consumable that suits you (H₂O₂, peracetic acid, biocide cocktail)
  • Qualification: Installation qualified with your quality service
ARECO - Elimination des micros organisme par nébulisation
ARECO - Elimination des micros organisme par nébulisation

Our product ranges to meet all your bio-decontamination needs


ARECO revolutionizes the cleanroom bio-decontamination market with AR-D, multi-room airborne surface disinfection (ASD) process.
This technology allows you to:

  • Simultaneous disinfection of multiple rooms via the CTA system
  • Disinfection of part of the area while leaving the other part in production
  • Treatment of air ducts
  • Treatment of terminal HEPA filters and recovery filters
  • Automation with the external environment (CTA system – interlocking)


A fixed machine designed for regular decontaminations with an easy start-up for operators (key/touch screens).


Animal facilities, quality control laboratories, production rooms, preparation rooms

Disinfection Capacity

Up to 2000m³


The AR-DM is a mobile machine specially designed for periodic disinfections. The device is positioned in the room to be treated and can be moved from room to room according to your decontamination needs.

Advantages of the AR-DM

A standalone device that generates warm air necessary for the micro-condensation of the biocide (if H₂O₂).


Bio-decontamination of airlocks or workrooms without a dedicated HVAC system, animal facilities, quality control laboratories, production areas, preparation rooms, etc.

Disinfection Capacity

Up to 200m³

BIO-DECONTAMINATION OF SMALL VOLUMES WITH OD-IC THE OD-IC is a machine specially designed for the disinfection of small volumes.

Advantages of the OD-IC

A standalone device that generates warm air necessary for the micro-condensation of the biocide (if H₂O₂).


Isolators, glove boxes

Disinfection Capacity

Up to 20m³

ARECO - Bio-décontamination

Results achieved with ARECO bio-decontamination systems

The results obtained by the ARECO bio-decontamination technology are excellent on strains as resistant and varied as Parvovirus viruses and Bacillus stearothermophilus spores.

Using 30% H2O2:

  • Destruction > log 6 on Bacillus stéarothermophilus spore
  • Destruction > log 4 on Canine parvovirus (CPV)
  • Destruction > log 6 on Rhabdoviridae (Rage)
  • Destruction > log 4 on Leptospirosis
  • Destruction > log 5 on Enterococcus hirae
  • Destruction > log 5 on Bacillus subtilis
ARECO - Bio-décontamination
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