Discover how nebulization enhances efficiency in essential everyday applications

What is nebulization?

Nebulization consists of transforming a liquid into a fog made up of very fine droplets measuring between 2 and 5 microns for effective dispersion.

An innovation in the industry, this system has been used for 26 years to disperse a liquid in a uniform and controlled manner, offering a wide range of applications in various sectors, from health to industry, agriculture and the environment.

How does the ARECO nebulization system work?

In humidification, when water is transformed into fine droplets and diffused into the air, the humidity level in the environment increases. Nebulization is used in particular to increase humidity levels in food retail, where it improves the preservation of fresh produce, and in industrial environments that require precise humidity control, such as cheese ripening rooms, mushroom cultivation or sensitive production areas.

ARECO - Matériel nébulisation
ARECO - Matériel nébulisation

How does the nebulization humidification process work?

Nebulization humidification involves generating and dispersing fine water droplets in the form of mist to increase and control the humidity level in indoor environments.

In which application areas is nebulization humidification used?

Nebulization humidification is used in various industries to meet specific needs. This includes nebulization for cheese dairies, wine cellars, biscuit factories, mushroom farms, controlled atmosphere areas (ZAC), explosive atmosphere areas (ATEX), weaving mills, and others.

How do ARECO nebulizers work?

Our ARECO nebulizers are connected to your establishment’s water network. The water undergoes multi-stage filtration, passing through two sediment filters, an activated carbon filter, UV disinfection and a fine osmosis system before being diffused into the air.

The water mist created by the nebulizer consists of micrometric droplets, ranging between 2 and 5 microns, which enable them to remain suspended in the air for an extended period. Composed 95% air and 5% water, it has the particularity of adding humidity to the air without causing wetness. Droplets dispersed in the air mix with the ambient air, increasing the relative humidity. The smaller the droplets, the longer they remain in suspension and the more they humidify the air. Gradually, the droplets evaporate as they mix with the ambient air. This evaporation process extracts heat from the environment, helping to cool the air slightly.

The evaporation of droplets in the air increases relative humidity, which is a measures of the percentage of humidity in the air in relation to its maximum capacity at a given temperature. The more water droplets in suspension, the higher the relative humidity.

The most advanced filtration system

ARECO ensures the perfect hygiene of its installations by implementing a very complete filtration system for each installation, using various technologies:

  • Fog diffusion using an exclusive patented “bactericidal” nozzle system, validated by the Nice University Hospital
  • 5 and 20-micron sediment filters
  • 25-micron activated carbon filter
  • Ultraviolet filter
  • Osmosis membrane
  • Thermosure: a natural disinfection system. We have created our own patented natural disinfection system to counter the risk of Legionella contamination. Thermosure guarantees 100% bacterial decontamination of the machine. Thanks to the Thermosure system, all our customers who have subscribed to the maintenance contract automatically benefit from Allianz insurance against the risk of Legionella.
  • Automatic daily emptying, even in the event of power cut: there is no stagnant water in the ARECO nebulization system
  • All our diffusers are designed to prevent water stagnation
  • All our parts are easy to remove and clean
ARECO - Filtration

All our nebulization and misting systems comply with the current French regulations regarding health safety related to collective water nebulization/misting systems.

See Decree No.2017-657 of April 27,2017, and order of August 07,2017.

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