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A misting system, known as a high-pressure misting system or water spray system, produces small water droplets, with a size ranging between 8 and 25 microns. The dispersed water droplets mix with the surrounding air, resulting in the formation of a light mist in the air. The small water droplets generated by the misting device quickly evaporate, absorbing heat from the environment to transition from a liquid state to a mist. The evaporation of water droplets absorbs heat from the ambient air, leading to a cooling effect in the environment. This is a phenomenon similar to the refreshing sensation experienced when coming out of a pool or being exposed to a light rain. The process of water droplet evaporation increases the relative humidity level of the air, creating a more pleasant atmosphere, especially in hot and dry places.

How does the misting humidification process work?

Misting humidification involves dispersing water droplets into the air to increase the relative humidity in the environment. This technology is used in various fields, particularly to cool the air and create a more comfortable environment for users.

How do ARECO misting systems work?

The ARECO misting system is connected to your establishment’s water network, where water undergoes a filtration process before entering the misting system, finally transforming into mist in the air.

In which application areas is misting humidification used?

Misting humidification is used in outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens, amusement parks, children’s play areas, outdoor dining spaces, greenhouses, and also indoors in buildings to regulate temperature and improve thermal comfort, such as in textile production factories. It is also used in industrial environments to control dust and odors.

All our nebulization and misting systems comply with the current French regulations regarding health safety related to collective water nebulization/misting systems.

See Decree No.2017-657 of April 27,2017, and order of August 07,2017.

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