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Discover ARECO: 26 years of Made in France history as a builder and manufacturer

ARECO is a brand of the ARFITEC Group, leader in liquid diffusion solutions through its misting and nebulization systems.

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ARECO, an innovative brand specialising in humidification, seeding and decontamination solutions to enhance the performance of various industrial sectors such as agri-food, textile, pharmaceuticals and more.

Thanks to our expertise in misting and nebulization technologies, we can tailor solutions to meet your needs, regardless your industry and space:

  • Using misting and nebulization to improve conditions in laboratories, cheese dairies, wine cellars, weaving mills, ATEX zones, and many others.
  • Implementation of decontamination in controlled atmosphere areas, cleanrooms, airlocks, isolators, and gloveboxes.

More than 10,000 food distribution points, craft and industrial outlets worldwide are equipped with one of our solutions.

Our products are designed to optimize your spaces; below are some of our key competencies:

  • Reducting wine evaporation (angel’s share) in barrel cellars.
  • Improving the cheese ripening process in specific cellars.
  • Creating an optimal and safe atmosphere for the comfort of the operators.
  • Effective decontamination of laboratory rooms and equipment.
  • Reducing the need to change demolding belts in biscuit factories.

Find out how ARECO can improve the performance of your business and industrial environment.
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